Zombies have feelings too

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized


You must have had your head stuck in a tombstone not to have noticed the influx of zombie games recently. That’s all well and good for the developers – but does anyone ever stop to consider how the undead actually feel about this?

Featured - Zombies have feelings too

Every day, zombies face torture and hardship. Merciless developers send them into combat in video games (some of which are pretty dodgy) and thousands die at the hands of ruthless gamers all over the world. But does anyone stand by them and speak up for their rights? No: because they’re considered to be only shuffling, moaning, rotting corpses of human flesh, and therefore appropriate cannon-fodder.

Well we’re going to make a stand against the violence (and storylines we’ve all seen countless times before). Together, we can convince unoriginal developers to come up with new and exciting concepts, and provide a future free from cruelty (and really bad…

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